Memorial: Imaginary Fiends #2 Review

Jonathan and his dragon friend, Nox, have crossed over into the Land Of Maybe in search of Violet but the adventure is only just beginning….

Official Description from IDW:

Return to the world of MEMORIAL in “Imaginary Fiends.” A little lost girl, a magic china marker, and a dragon named Nox are the keys to restoring the Land of Maybe! Brought to you by Chris Roberson (iZombie), Rich Ellis (Twilight Zone), and Grace Allison (Wander).

Issue 2 has Jonathon, Em, Nox and the rest of the gang in the Land of Maybe. Meanwhile we see Violet lost and surrounded by menacing eyes. I loved both parts of this issue as we cut back and forth between these two scenarios. The parts that threw me off were the scenes in a classroom where a professor is discussing the reasons behind a child’s imagination. My guess is that this is an explanation and this will all be tied in down the road in another issue.

Writer Chris Roberson delves deeper into a world that can only be reached through ones inception. As our main characters try to navigate through the other world, they are confronted by characters only seen in nightmares.  This comic had both sides of the coin. The wonderful fantasies of having an imaginary friend and on the other hand the frightening monsters under the bed. As I stated before, I am curious about the scenes in a classroom but I am confident it will fall into place in the next issues.

Artist Rich Ellis once again brings to life characters with his rich illustrations.  His use of bold colors and high contrast panels compliment the story well. Scenes like the hallway of mirrors and the standoff are exquisitely detailed. I personally love the way he draws the human form, the face in particular. He gratifyingly captures the emotions of the characters.

Overall, I enjoyed this issue and where it’s headed. It seems there will be many more twists and turns up ahead. Recommended.



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