Marvel Launches 2099 Spider-Man Ongoing Titles

In a somewhat shocking move, Marvel announced the launch of 2099 Spider-Man ongoing titles, all of which being written by critically-acclaimed writer, Peter David and artist Will Sliney of Fearless Defenders fame.

These new titles are branching out from Superior Spider-Man after Miguel O’Hara made a surprise appearance in the pages of the book last year with the new titles launching this July.

Never before has any comics publisher released 2099 titles simultaneously, let alone ones focusing on variations of the same character. The question is; how will Marvel address the logistical migraine that an initiative like this would cause?

UnleashTheFanboy can only guess that Marvel will take their usual route of using real and fictional decimal points to make it easier for readers to understand what the book they are purchasing is.

For example, Marvel went with this approach as part of their recent Infinity event, creating fictional decimal point .INF. Of course, this is mathematically impossible but leave it to Marvel to achieve the impossible and seemingly break the laws of math and physics.

We are not entirely sure how, but we don’t have decades of experience in the comics industry to understand the fine details of marketing and rebranding.

Couple this announcement with the announcement of an upcoming Spider-Verse event; it makes perfect sense to give each variation of the Spider-Man character their own ongoing title because fans will surely want to spend their time and money on a book about such fan-favorite characters as The Amazing Bag-Man.


But more importantly, how will Peter David and Will Sliney be able to cope with such a tremendous workload? UnleashTheFanboy has a theory: Clones. Lots and lots of clones.

The most important series of these 2099 titles is one called Spider-Man 2099 which seemingly stars “man out of time”, Miguel O’Hara.

Spider-Man 2099 #1 Cover.

“Miguel is going to be endeavoring to reform Tiberius Stone; to make him into someone who cares about other people and might actually do a better job of raising Tyler Stone and thus make Miguel’s life easier,” said series writer, Peter David. “Not to mention that he will try to exert influence over what sort of company Alchemax develops into.”

This is not the first time Peter David was in charge of writing a series with a similar name, Spider-Man 2099. In the 1990’s, Peter David wrote 44 out of the 46 issues that were published under that name.

But most interesting about this announcement is the fact that Spider-Man 2099 will be published alongside the soon to be re-launched The Amazing Spider-Man which will bring back Peter Parker as (what we thought was going to be) the one and only Spider-Man.

Of course, the news of 2099 new titles, in addition to the Spider-Verse announcement proves these expectations wrong. For the first time in comics history, there will be 2100 Spider-Men running around New York.

Keep an eye on the Spider-Man books starting this April – it looks like things are going to get crazier than they did in 1994.