Marvel Cancels 9 of its Biggest Titles!

If you didn’t see this coming, you haven’t been paying attention. Last week Marvel announced its upcoming line-wide relaunch(not a reboot!), starting in October. Today, as most expected, bring us the sacrifices to the publisher gods, 9 titles being canceled to make way for Marvel NOW! the same month.  Kinda reminds us of DC’s New 52 announcement a year ago…

Here are the announced cancellations:

– Captain America #19
– Fantastic Four #611
– FF #23
– Incredible Hulk #15
– Invincible Iron Man #527
– New Mutants #50
– The Mighty Thor #22
– Uncanny X-Men #20
 X-Men Legacy #271


The new company direction, called Marvel NOW! will consist of all new number 1 issues, beginning with the flagship title, Uncanny Avengers, which will likely replace Uncanny X-Men. It remains unclear what all new titles we will get, other than Uncanny Avengers, Avengers, and All-New X-Men.

This is a huge shake-up for the House of Ideas, so let’s hold on to our hats and ride out the coming storm. I have a good feeling about the new direction for the company, and just as DC saw a surge in their sales by relaunching their titles, Marvel can expect the same bump.

What are your thoughts on Marvel NOW?