EXCLUSIVE: Mark Lewis talks OMEGA 1

While attending last year’s COMIKAZE Expo, I was able to sit down and speak with some awesome creators such as Mark Lewis.

He’s an an accomplished scribe with a property that’s destined to find an audience.

If you’re ready to learn about it than read on!

UTF: What drew you to the idea of having a female lead in your book?

Omega 1 Nei Ruffino VariantMark Lewis: My partner is a lead actress, Alina Andrei, and she and I co-created the property as a television series. It originally started with us saying, “We need to have something that showcases her talent as an actress.” She had just done a Wonder Woman spin off You-tube video and gotten over 80,000 thousand hits in a week.  People wanted the female heroine!

We’re like, “We could do this ourselves”, so we created this, Omega 1 out of all of the best parts of the sci-fi franchises we loved; Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek, Bourne.

UTF: So what was the process with the actual making of the story?

Mark Lewis: We knew that we wanted to do something that was, “post-apocalyptic”, but it had been done so many times and, personally, Alina and I don’t believe that World War 3 is going to be bombs and bullets. We believe that it would be information, so Omega in Actionwe created a hacker world in the year 2017.  For us, because we’re award winning Hollywood writers, both she and I, in addition to the other things we do, it wasn’t hard to drill down the character and find what makes them tick.

Omega, she’s a girl who was abducted at 5 years old and raised in a para-government organization to be a fighter, but never let out into the world. So, at 25, all of the things that the female experiences, love, anger, powerful feelings, she doesn’t really know how to deal with them. In a sense, it’s her Achilles’ heel. Add to that, she’s been broken out of that place, had her memory erased, and is working as a courier. She’s sort of Magneto meets the Bride from Kill Bill, so she can draw metal, she’s great with a sword, and can dodge bullets. But she has no idea where her powers come from.

UTF: Prior to this interview you brought up the possibility of this eventually becoming a television series.  Do you want to expand on that?

Sarah Connor ChroniclesMark Lewis: Yeah, that’s whole point. We said, “Oh, we’ll just do a some webisodes” and Alina’s manager said, “No, this is so good.  It needs to be a television series.” We wrote a two hour pilot and we began pitching it. We took it to several studios when what was on the air was Painkiller JaneBionic Woman, and Sarah Connor Chronicles, none of which were doing well. Everyone reacted with, “This sounds great, we love it, but we’re not going to do another female sci-fi.  It’s not working.” But now there’s a hunger for it.

UTF: How would you pitch Omega 1 to the fanboys and fangirls that frequent our site?

Mark Lewis: As opposed to superhero stories?

UTF: Yeah.

Mark Lewis: The superheroes that DC and Marvel make really come from a very, dare I say, infantile conversation. They’re for kids. They’re happy, they’re bubblegum. There’s very little depth in terms of where those characters are going.  There’s some exceptions, but generally speaking, they’re for, the lowest common denominator. Omega 1 is created just for the intelligent fan.

But Issue 1 Omega Says so!Somebody who really wants to think, “Well, if that did that then what does this mean?”

We’re literally, good screen writers, that have left cliffhangers and clues for the reader to be able to go, “Wait a minute.  If she was an orphan, why are these people saying this about her family and why can she do what she does if she doesn’t know?”  It’s for those that reads a lot of comics and are bored with the same old thing.

UTF: Anything else you want to say to the internet audience?

Omega 1 PosterMark Lewis: What’s great about Omega is that it’s this deep, swirling character arc, but with a very familiar side.

It just feels like, “Oh yeah, I know that, but I didn’t know that was going to happen. I didn’t know she was going to do that..”

We just love it, it’s always unfolding and the biggest problem that our fans have with it is that they need more issues faster.

I want to take the time to thank Mr. Mark Lewis for the chat. I speak for the rest of the staff as I say: can’t wait to see where Omega 1 goes from here!

But what did you guys think of the interview? Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!