Magic: The Gathering – Theros #3 Review


Dack Fayden has what he came for…but now, something incredible and terrifying is coming for him and Fayden will have to learn to use the Gauntlet, or die.

IDW gives the official description:

Dack Fayden has managed to assemble the powerful artifact that first brought him to THEROS. But as a monster of the deep attacks the vessel he sails on, Dack must put his new acquisition to good use… and fast!

Magic-The Gathering - Theros 3_CMagic: The Gathering is  new to me. Sometimes picking up a story in the middle with no background can really hinder the ability to enjoy the issue; that’s certainly not the case here.  A well-written issue with eye-catching art, issue #3 of Magic: The Gathering – Theros ended up being enjoyable.

Jason Ciaramella does all of his writing for IDW and was nominated for an Eisner for his work on Joe Hill’s The CapeThis was my first time reading a Magic book and anything by Ciaramella and I enjoyed his style. It fits the world and the characters he’s working with and he moves things along well. He writes the dialogue between Fayden and the Captain easily enough that as you read it you’re drawn right in.

Martin Coccolo and Chris Evenhuis split up the artwork on the book, which is top notch. The Kraken that attacks the ship is drawn beautifully and the attention to detail in the central characters is outstanding. Fayden and the Captain are brought to life and given expressions that fit the scenes. Now, I’m not an art guy but I will tell you that in several panels, the contrast of the blue magic and the reddish dusky backdrop really stood out to bring the action right into your face.

I’d imagine readers of the series will love this issue as it delivers on a promise from past stories. I found it to be a quick read and felt right at home with the story. Definitely worth a look for fans.



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