Lost Vegas #2 Review

Will Roland’s plan be uncovered before he even has a chance to execute it? Read on to find out!

Official description from Image Comics:

The clock has started — Roland has 24 hours to make his move. But when he uncovers the darkest secret of LOST VEGAS, will that information help him…or will he be in even more danger? (Hint: let’s go with “more danger.)

The Eisner Award-winning team of JIM McCANN and JANET LEE reunite to create a universe filled with intrigue and a high stakes heist.

It just got real in this issue.  We last left off with Roland being discovered in the hanger where the ships were located. He was knocked out cold. Since he’s a smooth talker he finagled his way out of this one. And not a moment too soon because this was only the dry run, let’s not forget he still has to actually do this for real.  Later we find that the mutual attraction between Roland and Kaylex is growing more on her side.  We also find out Kaylex is much more than a performer.

Jim McCann didn’t disappoint in the second issue of Lost Vegas. More back stories come to the surface and the plot gets more and more dangerous as he finds out what ties the owner of the ship has with Kaylex. McCann did an excellent job of slowly unfolding the storyline. We get to know the characters and connect with them.

Janet Lee’s bold lines and bright colors explode off the pages. She uses a broad spectrum of colors to capture the comic’s extraterrestrial feel and she has fun with it. Each alien being has its own unique look and still manages to blend well in the story.

Lost Vegas #2 is gaining momentum and it’s definitely worth a look if you haven’t already checked it out. I’ll be waiting for the next issue.


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