Lords of Mars #4 Review

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It’s been an interesting road full of rising tension, but is there enough of a spark to light a fire within this fight?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The legendary ape-man starts having second thoughts about his newfound Martians “pals”, the devious Therns, who just so happen to be the bitter enemies of John Carter. But all that might not matter – Carter is paying the Therns a little visit, and he and the ape-man are on a collision course that will change the face of two planets forever. Jane, the ape-man’s wife, goes looking for proof of the Therns’ treachery, and she ends up finding more than she bargained for. The sky erupts with fire in Lords of Mars #4 – War in Heaven!

Lords of Mars 4_CSuspicions build as this creative team breathes life into a crossover no one ever thought would happen.  There’s a lot to love here and, truth be told, I find myself endlessly engrossed by what amounted to a decent fourth outing.

Arvid Nelson pens the script and what we get is a smartly handled but nonetheless text heavy affair.   There are some off moments here and there but the bulk of this action packed train is headed in the right direction.  Both of these leading men find themselves trapped by a forthcoming clash that’s been building since this series started.  In short: you’re going to enjoy what you got here, as imperfect as it might be during some of the more unnecessary moments.

The art by Roberto Castro continues to be a source of pleasure.  He brings these unique worlds together in a way that does something no one saw coming, he makes it all feel consistent and natural.  That right there is the creative spark that takes a goofy concept and cements it within the confines of visual language that does not cheapen the strength of either icon.

Lords of Mars #4 is an unexpectedly great comic book that’s sure to please eager fanboys or fangirls.  It may not be the most essential bit of literary fiction but it manages to dazzle nonetheless.  Recommended.



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