My Little Pony Micro-Series #10: Luna Review


The final issue of the Micro-Series is upon us. Is it the best one yet? The worst? Somewhere in the middle? Well it’s definitely pretty funny. Far from the best, but entertaining nonetheless.

Here’s the official description from IDW:

A royal eclipse! When Celestia has to leave for the day, Luna is charged to keep watch over waking hours.

Will the guardian of the night be able to juggle a new set of responsibilities while keeping her cool? (Not to mention keeping awake!)


Surprisingly, this is the last issue of the Micro-Series. It was a neat concept that could have gone on for some more issues. How about a Zecora one-shot? And from this issue’s main cover and Celestia’s, it seemed like Cadance should have gotten one. So I’m personally perplexed why it’s ending now. (But at least it’s getting replaced next month with a new Ongoing called Friends Forever!) Princess Luna is a huge fan favorite, many call her best pony. It’s easy to see why, despite her rather limited appearances in the show she is very cool. (Personally, I like her appearance on ‘Sleepless in Ponyville’ most.) I can’t say I was a huge fan of this one, I would have liked to see a slightly more serious story with her. But it’s still a lot of fun.

You know what you’re getting into when you see the words ‘Cook’ and ‘Price’ on the cover. Katie Cook can write comedy like no other. The plot is kinda wacky but interesting. Luna is the guardian of the night while Celestia watches the day, that is the way order is in Equestria. But what happens when the Night Guardian is tasked with daytime duties? It’s an interesting concept that’s pretty fun to watch. Though this version of Luna is kinda like a heavy parody of her show self, mainly when she appeared in ‘Luna Eclipsed’. It’s too much of a parody in my opinion, but there are a few standout lines. I particularly liked when she said, “I shall rule the day…for the day!”¬†There will be plenty of laughs, I really liked the courtroom scene where she used a concept King Solomon used in Biblical times. Plus, it’s cool how there’s a nice continuity with the Rarity issue Cook also wrote.


This is a milestone for Andy Price, since Luna is his favorite pony. The art doesn’t fail and once again perfectly matches the light and comedic tone. There’s a really cool splash page where you have to take a few moments to spot all the cameos, got to love it. The main cover by Amy Mebberson is similar to Celestia’s. It’s a pretty nice, mellow cover, plus Luna looks quite lovely with that ear muff thing. Cover B by Price is pretty funny, though the main one is more preferable I’d say. Sara Richard’s RI is naturally the most artistic and quite a beauty to look at. As for store exclusive variants, there are surprisingly nothing really worth mentioning.

Overall, the final issue of the Micro-Series is a pretty funny comic. I mean, it’s not amazing, but it will have its fans. The comedy is good but for Luna I’m just not so sure. It was nice however to get a picture of how the two sisters interact on a normal day. Also, I’m sure fans will be surprised/annoyed to see Flash Sentry get a small appearance. I was personally shocked, and it shows that the comics can do anything, which is cool. So, while I wouldn’t consider this the best Micro-Series issue, it’s still a fun read and it feels like double the content. (There’s even a fun little short story after written by Cook.)




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