My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #19 Review

‘Reflections’ reaches its penultimate issue. Does this exciting arc continue to be great? Definitely, I hope you’ve been reading!

Here’s the official description from IDW:

As our favorite ponies traverse a strange new world, the secret history of Celestia comes to life!

Will the choices she made years ago come back to haunt her and doom an entire world? And which surprising pony is at the heart of her choice?

Elseworlds stories are always exciting. This issue furthers the conflict and gives some backstory on that final page from the last issue. While it was disappointing to find out that the evil King Sombra doesn’t play a role, it’s been quite interesting to see his elseworlds heroic self. The ponies themselves don’t do much, but that’s alright since this is more at heart a Princess Celestia story. By the end you’ll be greatly anticipating the next, and final issue of the arc.


Katie Cook continues to deliver an interesting elseworld and an intriguing backstory. It’s fascinating to see Princess Celestia portrayed as naive and blinded by love; it offers a new perspective of her than what we’re used to seeing in the show. A highlight however was the scene with Twilight and King Sombra. While it’s true Twilight is a princess, this scenes reminds the reader that she still doesn’t quite think of herself as one. It’s a sweet little scene and shows that Cook can write fantastic comedy and great emotion. The evil princesses are very cool to watch, it’ll be a shame when they stop appearing after the arc.

Andy Price’s art is of course fantastic. The facial expressions match every scene and remain a treat to look at. The main cover completes the wraparound first seen in the previous issue. My only problem with it however is not the art, it’s that the evil versions of the Mane 6 don’t appear! If they don’t make an appearance next issue, that’s going to be one disappointing aspect. Cover B by Amy Mebberson however is easily the most visually striking. It’s quite a piece, one of the best from the series. (Evil Celestia will never get old.) The RI by Tony Fleecs is a nice, general alternative for people simply wanting a pony cover. It however lacks the artistic beauty of cover B.

Overall, another great issue. While it’ll be tough to beat ‘The Return of Queen Chrysalis,’ ‘Reflections’ has a very good shot. The story continues to be such an interesting read. The backstory presented in this issue will easily capture fans. If you aren’t reading this arc, it’s time to hunt down the previous issues.


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