My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #17

New arc time folks! Does the fan favorite creative team start it off with a solid issue? It’s definitely a very intriguing opening to what looks to be one of the most memorable MLP stories yet.

Here’s the official description from IDW:

‘Reflections’ part 1. The start of this epic four-part story will see the ponies travel to a new world in desperate need of aid… that is, if they can discover the secret spells of Starswirl the Bearded! Secret traps and magical danger are only the first steps on the ponies greatest adventure yet!


Chances are, you’re a fan of the show if you’re reading this comic. It comes to no surprise then that Equestria is filled with untold backstory. This is one of the things I like about the comics, they can tell backstories the show doesn’t bother to do. We’ve heard about Star Swirl the Bearded throughout the seasons. He’s never appeared, and has always been portrayed as this legend that Twilight looks up to. This comic brings up plenty of interesting past with him and Celestia. This looks to be the My Little Pony story of the year.

Like always, Katie Cook writes a fantastic tale of comedy and suspense. Some might find it strange that Luna would wait a whole week to tell the Mane 6 about Celestia’s disappearance and also Rainbow Dash saying, “I hope there aren’t any monsters in there,” but beyond those two things the writing is great. I love the little touches of genuine friendship Cook adds, I couldn’t help but smile when rarity reminded Twilight that she’s their friend and should tell them what’s on her mind. As the ponies search the caverns of the Castle, there are quite a few flashback scenes of Star Swirl and a young Celestia. It’s fascinating, and also makes the reader very intrigued with what Celestia holds so dear. The suspense will be killing you from the middle to end.

Andy Price’s art is once again a lot of fun to look at. It isn’t perhaps as zany as it usually is, which is appropriate concerning the rather serious nature of the story. The main cover by Price does a nice job showing what the story inside is about. Cover B by Brenda Hickey is more of a general cover, nicely conveying the rather depressing tone of some of the story. The RI by Katie Cook is an adorable one, featuring the ponies and Cutie Mark Crusaders as infants. As for store exclusive variants, Trixie fans will want to pick up this great and powerful cover from Hot Topic.

Overall, a really intriguing start to ‘Reflections.’ There’s a big mystery, I’m very much looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. The final scene is one of the most intense from any MLP story, you need to be reading this comic.

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