Kirby: Genesis: Silver Star #6 Review

I’ve never read any of the Kirby: Genesis books before, and when I first picked up Silver Star #6 I was disappointed. I’d been expecting an origin story for a certain voracious pink ball from Nintendo. Obviously I was wrong, but I ended up enjoying the read. Here’s the official description from Dynamite: 

Silver Star scours the alternate Earths he created looking for a way to cure Norma. But someone doesn’t want Norma cured, and stirs a hornet’s nest at Silver Star’s headquarters. Things come to a head when a Silver Star from a backwards Earth comes looking for payback.

For a newcomer like myself, this issue was  fairly friendly. Sure, I didn’t know who anyone was, but the plot was introduced easily enough and came to a good conclusion, so I was comfortable. Jai Nitz does a good job of  passing off pseudo-science babble as the real thing, although some of his metaphors get lost. I’m sure the temporal paradoxes of this issue will be important at a later date, but it’s all okay right now. While the solution to SS’s problem is a bit of a deus ex machina, I imagine it fits better for those who have read more of the series.

Johnny D delivers some pretty good art, especially with the backgrounds, settings, and fantastic elements, but the characters can be a bit off: either too lopsided or flat. The faces are the worst, reminding me of the failures of Rob Liefeld or David Finch. One triumph, however, is the anti-Silver Star, who sports an inverted color scheme that really unsettles the eye.

If you like superhero’s, but want something different than what the big two have to offer, Kirby: Genesis seems like a friendly book to pick up. Silver Star #6 isn’t amazing, but it’s a perfectly decent read.




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