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Last week we speculated about who would take on the mantle of Robin in DC Comics’ upcoming Robin Rises: Omega.

This week we go a slightly darker route where we put on our detective caps (pip pip!) and try to figure out the mystery behind Uatu, The Watcher’s murder in Marvel Comics’ upcoming Original Sin.

The folks at Marvel haven’t stopped talking about how this event “will change the Marvel Universe forever”, until next summer when they do it again. Or a few years from now when they revive Uatu…


Who will kill The Watcher?

Before we hear what the UTF staff thinks, we spoke to one of our many resident experts, Adam Holmes, Professor of Comic Book Murder Mysteries, to get an expert opinion that only an expert can give, because why not?

“These murder mysteries are a lot like police procedurals. It’ll almost never be the guy you first suspect, but often times be the person you thought was innocent. They pull the ol’ switcheroo on you,”

“The thing on my mind is if a detective solves a comic book character’s death, do they have to give the money they earned from that case back when the character is resurrected a year or two later?”


Bader Noaimi:

“It was Professor Plum, with the rope, in the hall.”

Will J. Burke:

“What about Thanos? Maybe Death wanted The Watcher dead because he interfered with her diabolical plan. It would be like The Watcher to sacrifice himself for the greater good of the Marvel Universe… Death has Thanos kill him… leaving… everyone paranoid and plotting against one another.

Sounds like a job for the true detective, Batman.”

Jay Deitcher:

“Winter Soldier, mark my words! Or maybe Doc Ock does it because he took over someone else’s body and The Watcher knows… Or it’s Bishop ‘cause The Watcher is the mutant traitor. Or some other X-Men character. Or Loki finally lost it again. Maybe it’s the Collector to hype the Guardians flick?

If I get any of those right I get a bunch of Marvel no-prizes.”

Stephen Lemlek:

“Silver Surfer, because there can only be one bald space dude.”

Palmer Rubin:

“The last time a major Marvel character was killed, it was Spider-Man, who has only died twice so far. I think that Doctor Octopus is going to kill The Watcher with some magical doo-hickey and then take over his body.

Prepare yourself for The Superior Watcher #1 by Dan Slott, out in 2015!”

Kay Emslie:

“I think Nick Fury”.

Charles Joy:

“The Watcher has always represented “The Reader” for me. This event was an odd coincidence because as soon as they announced “Original Sin”, they killed me as a reader. The All-New-New-All-New crap really got to me…

So who killed The Watcher? Marvel. They killed my will to care about who killed who this summer. #AgeofUltron”

Harrison Rawdin:

“My gut tells me it’s old-school Nick Fury. He’s going to… kill The Watcher and when the heroes find out, one of the more morally questionable heroes will cap him. (Looking right at you, Winter Soldier) hence allowing Nick Fury Jr. to take his place in the main Marvel Universe.

The real goal of Marvel NOW will stand revealed… Execute Order 67!”