Killing WOLVERINE Is an Awful Idea

It’s not often that Marvel’s mighty bullpen decides to kill off one of their leading characters…

Well, I suppose that’s a complete and utter lie (considering the fairly recent passing of Captain America, Peter Parker, and Thor).  Even now Axel Alonso and crew have steered their death gaze towards another victim: everyone’s favorite mutton chopped mutie, Wolverine.  Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston broke this story following the Marvel Creative Summit. Apparently Wolvie will be struck by a weapon that skirts his healing factor in 2014, probably resulting from the time travelling affairs in AGE OF ULTRON.  While taking fan favorites out to pasture is always a lame move, at least Logan hasn’t died as much as his superhero peers.

Oh.  Wait.

He’s croaked 2 times already during the new millenium?   When you think about it that way, the decision to off Wolvie is just as stupid as every other major character death.

And YES! going to hell definitely counts as dying!

When will comic publishers finally show some restraint?  It seems that all the great storytellers of our time have been replaced with gluttonous, “easy points” scoring scribes whose merits directly correlate to how many iconic characters they’ve killed. Go ahead and name the top writers currently in the industry, and I’m willing to bet that they’re guilty of “Death for Shock” (my list: Geoff Johns, Mark Millar, Dan Slott, Matt Fraction, just to name a few).

I know this guy has a few choice words for the editors in charge…