JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND Gets Updated with 2.0

With last week’s release of Batman Beyond 2.0, it looks like the other Beyond series are quickly following it’s example with the announcement that Justice League Beyond will also change it’s name to Justice League Beyond 2.0.  Not all that original necessarily, but at least it’s being consistent.  And just like the Batman series, this new Justice League series will also take place quite a while after the events of the last issue.  I would imagine at least a year, but no specifics are given as of yet.

This revamped series will likely feature as many changes, if not more, than was present in the relaunched Batman Beyond.  Just what those changes, they’re not saying, but we do know that the series will now be taken over by the new creative team of writer Christos Gage and artist Iban Coello.  While they’re staying pretty quite as to what to expect from the series when it’s released next week, Christos Gage has stated that the series will lead into what he refers to as a “smack-you-upside-the-head moment.”

While admittedly I don’t follow this series too much myself, I am glad that the Beyond universe has found a place where it can thrive and grow, and if these changes are as good as they promise to be, I can imagine they will only keep growing and make a fan out of me.  So what do you think Beyond fans?  Are you excited?  Will these changes be better or worse for the series?  I personally prefer to be optimistic about these kind of things, but it could easily go the other way too.  We’ll find out next week, I suppose, but until then, speculate!