Judge Dredd Classics: Dark Judges #4 Review

The classic tales of Judge Dredd is still going forward with the bringing of Judge Death’s brothers in the world. Anderson is doing her best with trying to stop them but she may have done something wrong. The famous Judge Dredd is just doing his best to stay alive. Will they make it? Of course, it’s Judge Dredd. Read on to find out more.

Classics tales of Judge Death-and his brothers Fear, Fire, and Mortis-come to life in this remastered and colorized series!

This re-publishing of the Judge Dredd series and the characters is a really cool concept that seems to be doing JDredd_DJ_04-prjpg_Page3pretty well with the Judge Dredd fandom. This series had a huge effect on the world of Judge Dredd when first brought up because of Judge Death and his brothers. This issue deals with these evil characters coming to the forth front. The evil Judges start to judge everyone and create fear and terror because, apparently, no one is innocent. Judge Anderson does her best to keep it together with the Judges being around but with her powers and such, she can only do so much. Along with that we get tons of action from other smaller characters and they have some great moments that show the stakes in this comic book.

Alan Grant and John Wagner are fantastic writers and really brought some great stuff with this story. It is very compelling and really changes the pace and tone of the characters we love in this series. It is also a little dark. It adds stakes to everything which makes us come back to this comic book.

Brett Ewins is a really great artist. The colors and style pop off the page and allows us to get into this world. He, also, has some great attention to detail. It is fun and exciting to see.

Judge Dredd Classic is a great look at some fantastic stories.

+Fantastic stakes +Wonderful art brought forth +A great story line +Judge Anderson is amazing

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