John Hawkes On Why He Refused The Governor Role In “The Walking Dead”

Late in January, rumor was that AMC wanted The Governor role in The Walking Dead to be filled with a name actor, and John Hawkes was the main focus. John is truly an acclaimed actor, but unfortunally in early February his publicist had a statement saying that the actor would not be in the show. Now, IFC spoke with the actor himself, and asked him about passing up such a coveted role.

“They were kind enough to show interest. It just felt like it wasn’t right for me. I think they’re going to find someone who will do a better job than I would have, and I think they’ll be happy in the end.”

He may get a high praise from critics, but he isn’t exactly a well known actor, and is a surprise seeing him passing on such a big role. But as you may know, the role of The Governor went to the British actor David Morrissey.

 The Walking Dead is on AMC every sunday night.