Joel Schumacher’s Original Intentions for Batman to be Revealed:UPDATED

Even if Batman and Robin was successful Joel Schumacher knew Batman needed to return to his darker roots.  Batman Triumphant was initially scheduled for a 1999 summer release.  Scarecrow was to be the villain and Harely Quinn was Joker’s Daughter out for vengeance.  There was even talk Jack Nicholson would reprise his role as Joker in a nightmare sequence from Scarecrow’s fear toxin.


As disappointing as Joel Schumacher’s Batman flicks were, I never hated the man as he took full credit for what appeared on screen.  Batman Forever was intended to be less dark than Returns, however not quite as campy as the released version.  Footage from a darker version was even shot and included in the double disc and blu-ray version of the film.

Burton’s original flick was my introduction to the character  and I carry a soft spot for his initial theatrical success.  And while Christopher Nolan’s films are vastly superior, they lost the fantastical elements of the earlier films.  Was Burton’s Joker resurrected or did he survive his swim in the chemical bath.  He literally tells different characters different versions.  This idea of possibility gave the 89 and 90’s versions an extra sense of energy and possibility.


With this in mind it appears we’ll soon have an idea of what Joel Schumacher’s original vision of his Batman films would be.  Keep his mind this the man who did Falling Down and 8mm, he is capable of playing with dark material .

Rumor is that Joel Schumacher’s original ideas will be coming to life in an elseworld’s 12 issue run with art by Dustin Nygun.  This plot will be a from scrap adaptation for those who carry a warm feeling of nostalgia for a darker, fantastical Batman flick.


UPDATED: Dustin Nygun has denied any knowledge of this project and stated his schedule is to full to accommodate it.   Joel Schumacher has denied he knew about this, but would be game if there was a demand.  DC Comics has coyly stated this is a project moving forward.