Ever since Geoff Johns took over Green Lantern series almost a decade ago, the Emerald Night has exploded in popularity, and according to a recent tweet by Dan Didio, it looks like it’s going to grow even further.  A couple days ago, boltsman38 started asking around about the possibility of a Sinestro Corps Ongoing series.  Out of the people he messaged, the only one to respond was Dan Didio who seems to confirm that the series is, in fact, in the works, but doesn’t give any information beyond that.

There has yet to be official confirmation from DC, so perhaps it’s too early to get our hopes up until we hear more. That being said, considering all the Green Lantern series floating around right now, it makes perfect sense to make a series based on the Sinestro Corps.  We have Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Red Lanterns, and even Larfleeze has his own series!  Which begs the question, how the heck does Larfleeze get a series before The Sinestro Corps?

However, based on where we last left the Sinestro Corps, I do have to ask just what exactly the series is going to be about? What direction are they going with this? I’m going to get a bit into spoilers so if you still have some catching up to do with Green Lantern, avert your eyes now.

After the conclusion of Wrath of the First Lantern, the Sinestro Corp is essentially decimated except for the Weaponer and Arkillo, so would the series be about rebuilding the Corps? Would the Corps already be back at full strength? Would Arkillo be the lead? Is he a strong enough character to lead his own series? Would it take a similar route as Red Lanterns and have them fight for justice or would they be straight up evil? Would either be interesting enough to make it worth reading? It’s way too soon to know anything for certain, but simply asking the questions makes me really curious to see what’s the series has in store if this is actually happening. Get excited, Green Lantern fans!

SOURCE: Twitter