IRON MAN: Building The City of The Future

Tony Stark is a futurist and at some point, it would make sense if he used his skills to help others. The self proclaimed narcissist is perhaps, looking to write some wrongs in the new arc of Iron Man. Kieron Gillen’s take on the character from Marvel Now! has had it’s ups and downs. Now that he is settling into the title and this strange new world, the comic has been the usual fun level of complete insanity one might expect from Gillen. Currently the latest arc in his run is all about uncovering his secret future and how exactly it relates to Anthony and Maria Stark. The story revolves around another seemingly throwaway character in the previous Godkiller arc of the story, where the writer first started turning the subpar quality of the title sideways.

The new story is called Iron Metropolitan, and features the titular hero picking up the ruins of Mandarin City. The city was introduced in previous writer Matt Fraction’s beloved run on the story. The sense of a shared universe will be felt as the hero makes his way back to earth to catch up with Pepper and friends. What does Stark build out of the rubble of his enemies? What does writer Kieron Gillen have to say about the new arc of the title?

The idea of Tony making a city is a big “Citizen Kane” Xanadu-style vision and the five covers in this arc are going to be this tableau that form one large image about the rise and fall of this experiment.

 This is really the start of year two in the book. Issue #17 is the punch line on year one. Then year two is everything he’s learned both intellectually and emotionally being put into practice. He went off, had a journey and now he’s come back ready to attack what he believes is one of society’s biggest problems.

Half the problems he faces are Marvel Universe problems. In “The Secret Origin of Tony Stark” we’ve been talking about alien invasions and threats from the cosmos, which is also a theme in Guardians Of The Galaxy want to mix fantastic threats with ecological problems like sustainability and things like that. The idea is that one way or another we’ll probably be extinct in 50 years, so we need a way of living that allows us to have a real future.

The futurist is going to be quite busy for the foreseeable, well you know the rest!

Source: CBR