Invincible Universe #10 Review


A superhero wedding is bound to turn into an event…this wedding is no different and you will not be disappointed as the wedding of Kid Thor and Knockout takes some crazy twists when Thor’s beer-swilling brothers pop in to attendance.

Image Comics gave the following official description:

Welcome to the wedding of Knockout and Kid Thor! Even with everyone in the Invincible Universe invited, there are bound to be some party crashers!

Phil Hester (Nightwing and The Irredeemable Ant-Man) is playing with the characters and an entire universe that spawned from Robert Kirkman’s amazing ongoing series, Invincible. This issue certainly gives us a full roster of characters and Hester works well with the ensemble. I loved Hester’s work with Knockout’s emotional swing when Kid Thor’s brothers arrive and crash the “pajama party.” The next few pages are hilarious and really make you think about why there’s such a high divorce rate among superhero couples.


Artist Todd Nauck, who did quite a bit of work for Marvel on multiple Spider-Man titles is an ace and his work here proves his reputation to be true.  I’ve read interviews in which Hester marvels at the work that Nauck does on this book and now I can see why. If you’re not familiar with Nauck, do yourself a favor and look at some of the rest of his work, but you really have everything you need here to gain a full appreciation of him and why he’s so well-known and respected.

A pretty silly issue, but silly in a good way, the book does close on a very sinister note. The universe in which these characters exist is astounding and if you’ve only been reading Invincible or you’ve not been reading any of this material at all, get out and pick these works up. They are classics!!


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