Invincible #108 Review


What does issue 108 of the “Best Superhero Comic Book in the Universe” have to offer?

The official description from Image Comics gives little by which to judge:

Angstrom Levy’s life hangs in the balance. Invincible to the rescue?

Invincible 108_CInvincible and Robot head to another dimension with the hopes of ridding themselves of Angstrom Levy for good and what they find there leaves Mark speechless. If you’ve been waiting for something big to happen, you won’t want to miss this issue full of dimension-hopping mayhem, death and betrayal.

The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman continues his long run on Invincible and I imagine fans of the series will be stunned with the issue’s conclusion. I’ve not followed the series and that could mean I’ve missed a thing or two, but the final act of the issue caught me entirely off-guard and I loved it. While there’s going to be a huge fallout in the upcoming issues, I don’t see any going back for Mark and Robot after the events of this issue.

Ryan Ottley and John Rauch handle the art and dear, sweet baby Jesus do these men know how to draw violence. The violence is obscene. The violence is gratuitous. The violence is just absolutely amazing and so well-done that I found myself going over the panels multiple times to appreciate it more fully. Ottley has on the book for 100 issues if my count is correct and his work is as great as advertised. The final page of this issue, which pulls back and gives us the big picture of the damage that’s been done, is a glorious tribute to gore.

This was the first issue of Invincible that I’ve ever read; there’s no way in hell I can let it be the last now. The artwork alone has me hooked and, as any good serial should, the ending of this issue has me anxious to see what follows. If you’ve been reading the series, I don’t see how you can miss this issue.



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