Introducing: Justice League 3000

DC and Marvel are going fucking nuts today with all of their different announcements. Three original titles have been shown along side a bunch of different websites on the internet. This new one coming out should be particularly invigorating for fans, as it features a creative reunion. In 1986 Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis both teamed for a 60 plus issue run of Justice League that gave new life for the title. The series focused on a more humor based angle for the title that really struck a chord with readers and fans alike. The two writers recently teamed up for a Larfleeze title that seems interesting, but this new comic seems even better. Enter Justice League 3000,

Five redesigned heroes for the next millennium are all teaming up in an ongoing series. The all-star creative team is completely reunited from JLA with Kevin Maguire on art duties. While this title seems to be more serious in tone, fans should not worry about the quality. DeMatties has proved that side of him with his Spider-Man work including the legendary Kraven’s Last Hunt story. Giffen has also shown his darker side with the Annihilation mini-series that brought out the cosmic side of Marvel. This new title should prove to be one of the strongest books in The New 52, hopefully it will not take itself too seriously. The only other information on the book so far are the Howard Porter designs for the characters below,

Is that, could it be Wally West?

More as the story develops!

Source: CBR