Grimm: The Warlock #3 Review



Dragons, Yeti and the Year of the Horse. Grimm the Warlock #3 has all that…and that might be it.

Dynamite Entertainment gives the following description of the issue:

Nick and Sgt. Wu are wrapped up in a murder during Chinese New Year. The crime involves international politics and international Wesen. Can Nick solve the crime and keep his status as a Grimm hidden from Wu? Read the comic based on the hit NBC show.

As the issue opens, we are drawn to another murder scene and Detective Burkhardt is there. This time, however, he has to hide his secret life as a Grimm from his partner on the case, Sergeant Wu, making actual police work pretty tough.  Burkhardt’s world seems to get a little weirder in this issue and we learn a little more about his back alley stalker.

Writer Jai Nitz gets to further explore the ever-evolving world of the Wesen and gets to bring some more mythological characters to the party. I’m not sure if he’s to blame for the fight scene early on, but whomever was responsible may have scripted the worst fight scene I’ve seen recently. I guess the good news is that Nitz only has one more issue in which to drag out what’s really going on and why Burkhardt is being targeted. Nitz isn’t a bad story teller, he just isn’t given a whole lot of material to make exciting.


I still find artist Jose Malaga‘s work on the facial expressions of his characters terrifying. He does get to do a couple of cool panels with a half-Yeti and a half-dragon and that’s the best work I’ve seen of his.

Overall this book put me further away from actually being interested in the characters and story line of this limited series. As I said with the last issue, if you’re a fan of the series of the Grimm TV show, this book may be a whole lot more fun for you than it was for me.


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