Grimm: The Warlock #2 Review

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When Detectives Burkhardt and Griffin are called to the scene of what at first appears to have been a hiking accident, they find that, as always in the life of a Grimm, there’s more to the situation than it seems.  Issue # 2 features a Seelenguter, a Blutbad and a Scharfblicke and one of them is after Burkhardt’s life.

Here’s the official description from Dynamite Entertainment:

Nick and Monroe investigate a murder on the grounds of Portland’s famous Pittock Mansion. A Wesen treasure hunter dies and it’s ruled an accident, but everyone in the community thinks a Blutbad is behind it. Can Nick defeat a deadly opponent who has prepared for a Grimm? Read the comic based on the hit NBC show!

TNGrimmWarlock02CovSmallwoodIf you’re a fan of the NBC show Grimm, then the events of this issue will be in your wheelhouse. While Burkhardt and Griffin’s initial look at the accident reveals no evidence, Burkhardt is convinced there’s more to the situation and when he decides to look at it as a Grimm, he quickly finds out he’s right. The second issue of a 4-issue limited series, ends with a cliffhanger.

Jai Nitz (Kato: Origins, Green Hornet) is certainly comfortable in the fantasy world, called Wesen. However, a reader who is unfamiliar with the NBC series might not feel quite so comfortable. While one can simply Google Blutbat to find out what it means, the story does very little to make an outsider, like myself, feel comfortable on a first read.

The art by Jose Malaga (Vampirella)  is passable at best. While Burkhardt seems to only have one expression, Malaga does a nice job of drawing the Wesen, especially the Scharfblicke that is causing all the turmoil in the issue. Overall, I’d prefer to have seen a little more attention to detail and facial expression to help me believe in the characters.

Possibly a niche book that fans of the NBC series, Grimm: The Warlock #2 is a less-than-smooth read for those uninitiated into the world of Grimms and Wesens.



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