Grimm Fairy Tales #89 Review

As the dust begins to settle from Grimm Fairy Tales Unleashed, what will happen next?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

For the most part Sela has been enjoying her return to teaching but it hasn’t taken her long to figure out this isn’t your normal, everyday, educational institution. Highborns and Falsebloods seem to make up a large part of the student body and she’s had her hands full dealing with avenging creature know as Frost. Sela can barely handle her class load and the last thing she needs is a new student causing problems…especially one who may want her dead.

When it comes to this release the creative team sees fit to attack the world in a steady way.  It’s that methodical execution which yields a truly built up threat that’s just been waiting in the darkness.

Considering all that’s happened Troy Brownfield takes Sela’s new life and runs with it in a way that invites both introspection and some laughs.  Tensions are on the rise as someone continues to toy with the Guardian of the Nexus.  Still, her innate warrior spirit helps her to press on even as a new student targets her.  The pace of the piece was a little jarring considering the action packed mini-series and event that’s still wrapping up around it but by the time we reached the cliffhanger I found myself absolutely adoring what had been done.  So much so that even with this being a text reliant affair the scribe impressed me.

The art by Salvador Velazquez offers a sophisticated vision that easily brings this narrative to life.  Through the use of, at times, chaotic but controlled pencil strokes the talent seamlessly gives this world flavor and depth.  Considering that this particular outing is more about our heroine and the slow build of to the villain there’s not much action going on.  So the responsibility of the visual side of this affair is to keep tense conversations interesting, and he succeeds.

Grimm Fairy Tales #89 is a methodical, compelling and truly enjoyable ride that’s sure to please fans.  Recommended.


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