Grimm #9 Review


Detective Burkhardt is forced to dig deep into his bag of tricks to protect himself and the ones he cares about against a seemingly indestructible Wesen. Forced into the open to protect his colleagues, will Burkhardt be ready for what lies beyond?

Take a look at the official description from Dynamite Entertainment:

The Portland Police Department finds itself in disarray as a mysterious, hulking Wesen starts picking off cops one by one in its frantic search for the “Grimm.” With his fellow officers caught in the crossfire, Nick must throw himself headfirst into danger if he has any hope to stop the monster before it claims another colleague’s life.

Grimm 9Marc Gaffen and Kyle McVey, two of the screen writers for the NBC show of the same name, have shared writing duties on the book and seem to enjoy some of the freedoms that the comic book medium offer. It’s an intelligent move having these two handle writing duties for both the show and the book and their familiarity with Burkhardt pays off as he is by far the most well-written character in the issue. This issue is clearly part of a larger, mysterious arc and Gaffen and McVey throw in a nice last minute twist that leaves Burkhardt in a bind.

This issues art by Rod Rodolfo is impressive. Rodolfo’s attention to detail on the new Wesen, a Hadosheru, is outstanding. As far as I can tell this is the introduction of Hadosheru into the mythology of Grimm and Rodolfo has drawn something that won’t soon be forgotten. Rodolfo also leaves quite an impression on the reader with the way he draws violence. The action panels are deeply detailed and Rodolfo has no qualms with spilling blood; in fact, when given the chance, he spills plenty of it as witnessed by the panel just above.

A pretty enjoyable issue as a stand alone read, Grimm #9 is a nice addition to the growing and unique mythology of the world of Grimms and Wesens.



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