After series regular Grant Morrison wrote the weird, epic, sensory dulling, disillusioned, strange, uninhibited, and beautiful mess that was his Action Comics, the title has been in an awkward state of transition. To say Morrison’s run was interesting seems like an understatement, the writer pulled out all of the stops and gave us some of the craziest writing since his career spanning epic Final Crisis. When he and artist Rags Morales were finished with the title the baton was passed to Andy Diggle who had a great first issue, and then he was fired. This book seemed like a title nobody wanted because creators started to come and go so often. Diggle brought a classic style of superhero to the book that was really fun to read and in the next issue of the title, it was just completely shattered. Artist Tony Daniel took over writing, and I have no doubt that it was a thankless job. Somebody even decided that he would go off of some of the notes left by the previous writer. Obviously Daniel had a different writing style that did not fit the job or the writing at hand, and the book spiraled off into a bizarre state of mediocrity. At several points in time Action has been the crown jewel in DC’s lineup so this is a disappointing spectacle to observe. Greg Pak was soon announced as the new writer on the series, and it seems to be for the better. In his career with heroes Pak does a great job subverting the classic hero stereotypes, and making them more interesting than ever. Currently the publisher has so many dark titles, that I have no doubt Pak will inject the title with some humor. It is also great to snag some tried and true talent on both titles as the writer was just announced as the main creator of the new Batman Superman title,  Aaron Kuder was also announced as the artist on the comic. The excited scribe had the following to say about the title,

“The book is called Action. So we want to have big action. And it’s Superman! Superman’s gotta do crazy, huge things. At the same time, every step of the way in order for me to care and you to care, whatever Superman is going through has to resonate on that emotional level,”

“It’s not like he grew up among people like him from day one and all his power was just totally natural and supported by everyone around him and everything was cool. He grew up as a normal kid who discovered he had these powers and it was terrifying and it set him apart from everybody else and it gave him incredible responsibilities,” Pak continued.

“In a weird way, that replicates everybody’s experience. Just as regular people, as we grow up we learn that we actually have real power. The things that we do can hurt people terribly, can break hearts, can break stuff, or they can be a real help to people. And it’s up to each of us to figure out what we’re going to do with our own abilities.”

Batman Superman #1 is coming out this wednesday, also make sure to check out Action Comics #25 in november!

Source: IGN