Green Hornet #26 Review

Despite not being around when they aired, I’ve seen a bunch of episodes from the classic series. A more noir take on the Adam West Batman. Even without having prior history with the franchise, one should be able to jump in to any issue of Green Hornet. Like with Amazing Spider-Man or Avengers, every issue should be accessible to new readers. Green Hornet #26 succeeds greatly in that respect. A fast-paced, intriguing story? Check. Not overly complicated? Check. It’s good issue to jump on if you haven’t been reading it.

Here’s the official description from Dynamite:

He’s been set up for murder. He’s been forced to battle a deadly doppelganger and left for dead. Now, Green Hornet must fight an entire city. A power-mad politician hopes to rule Century City on the back of the ‘villain’ known as Green Hornet. Now, the city that Green Hornet and Kato have sworn to protect turns on them completely, and help arrives from the most unlikely source. The epic ‘Outcast’ arc screams toward a conclusion that will forever change the legacy of the Green Hornet. 

There are two types of stories. There’s the slow-explaining everything type, then there’s the ‘what is happening?!’ type. I’m sure longtime readers of the comic will know what’s going on, but for new readers were given Green Hornet who is being impersonated, and apparently the Kato here is a girl. (Who also happens to be his girlfriend.) Then we have a corrupt mayor in league with the impostor. A lot of good plot points here. It feels like Batman story mixed with the tone of a Spidey story.  It’s an action thriller with a touch of mystery. This version of the Green Hornet is definitely meaner than the one old-school fans like myself are familiar with. I will admit that it is a bit strange to have a female Kato, but the chemistry between her and the Hornet works.

I like the art, it’s solid. The characters have enough detail, it’s pretty much at least what all comic art should look like. Even though this feels like a superhero story, there are no powers at work here. It’s great when a comic can feel like a superhero adventure yet still be in ‘reality.’ The action is appropriately brutal, and there’s some really good and gritty fights in this issue. Unlike some modern comics, the writing doesn’t try to be ‘hip’ or filled with satire, which is a very good thing.

Overall, this is a pretty good jumping on point for the Green Hornet. Old and new fans will enjoy it. It’s a fun, Batman-like story but with a Spidey-like tone. Definitely a recommended pickup.



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