Goners #4 Review

The Latimers are not doing so hot, with the death of their parents and they are separated from their body guard the kids are not doing amazing. With the explosive moment of the issue, will our characters survive? Read on to find out more.

“WE ALL FALL DOWN,” Part Four With the power vacuum widening, the horrors that stalk the Latimers set their eyes on the cite of King’s Bluff itself.

Goners #4 gives us a whole bunch of things to chew on for this issue that it is very overwhelming. Goners_4_pg12It starts with a new character that is not a werewolf but wears the skin of a wolf. It is really interesting and the end explains this character that I won’t ruin but he is doing all sorts of evil things. Then we get to the actual Latimers, where Josiah was actually dead for a bit. We get a look into his mind where he is actually with his father. There are things revealed that I won’t spoil but they deal a lot of where the next part of the story is going to go. After that, Josiah comes back and his sister and he go on the hunt and their story ends with a big reveal. We do get a flash to the citizens and they learn to fight back against the darkness. It is very cool.

Jacob Semahn really knows how to bring out some great moments in a comic book. Every page has you excited to keep reading and keeps you engaged. It is really well paced and keeps you in the moment. It does reveal a lot that is a little overwhelming but it is still great.

Jorge Corona has some great visuals going on in this issue because there are so many different places and different characters that it could be repetitive but this issue is not. He is fantastic.

Goners #4 is a great issue and reveals a ton of things.

+Fantastic reveals +New characters add new dynamics +The past comes back and reveals a ton +The art pops off the page.

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