Gateway #4 Review

Well, what is going on with our new hero Jake, and his adjustments to the “real” world? Read on to find out more.

Jake’s quest to find his younger brother who died a year earlier takes him deep into the lair of the Dark Souls. In a thrilling confrontation he will rescue a friend, and make a powerful enemy.

I have to say that Gateway is becoming one of my new favorite series to read. I mean this must be a great week for comic books 1327653_fulbecause now I have a great review to write for this new issue. We have our new friend Jake, who is going through a lot. I mean his brother is “dead” for goodness sake’s and he is adjusting into this whole new world, where nothing is what is seems. Now, we have to see him going into this super scary lair of Dark Souls, which is exactly what you think it is. I was biting my nails the whole time because I really like Jake and I wanted him okay and there were times that I wasn’t sure he was going to make it. There is, also, this new character introduced, who you will like and  a brand new enemy that I am am even like “Woah!”. I have to say that this issue was so nicely developed.

The writing is superb and it just right. You like the main antagonist and you really feel for him. He is sometimes brooding but that’s okay given the circumstances. It is just really spot on with this book. The development that he goes through in this is issue is just perfect. I mean you get a look into his past but, also, a look at what is to come.

The amazing writing with fantastic art makes Gateway just awesome.

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