Some people can do many things, others do the same thing over and over again. In Frank Cho’s case he constantly does one simple but lovely thing, draw giant piping hot ready to order boobies! The artist draws them unapologetically large at every opportunity he can get, and we love him for it. Until he takes that shit on Facebook. The penciller has recently gotten banned again for a steamy rendition of a topless jungle girl similar to the one above. Enjoy a censored version below, and what the artist had to say bout the following dramatic turn of events.

I’m suspended from Facebook for 3 days.

Some asshole with a stick up his ass thought a DRAWING of a topless woman (Jungle Queen Riding Pterodactyl) was too much for him/her, and decided to protect the American public by having Facebook smut police take down my DRAWING of a topless woman.

So I’m banned from Facebook for 3 days.

I really hate the idiots in this country.

Just in case you are wondering, no of course this is isn’t the first time Cho has been banned on Facebook. The first offense is definitely more tame than the first, but still questionable. The fact that you should not keep work like this on a popular social networking site, where your grandmother can follow your every word seems obvious to most. Here is the art and quote in question following the artist’s first ban,

Someone took offense to my artwork and got me BANNED from Facebook. My account is completely locked out.

This is my third offense. The first two times, I was suspended. But this time I can’t even login. The screen goes white.

At this point, I just want to know which image got me banned.

After 14 hours of hell, my Facebook account is working again with no explanation.

Every time I login, my screen went completely white. I tried login on 3 separate computers and all 3 went blank.

My tech buddy, Brandon Peterson, figured out that it was not a physical problem but someone from Facebook admin just put a block on my account.

Now they just lifted my block without a reason or explanation

Do your self a favor and practice some safe internet procedures when posting your entire life for everyone to see. That is all, continue your internet business!

Source: TCB