Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray #2 Review

Will Fabian and his trusty sidekick be devoured by the spider god?!?!

Official description from Image Comics:

“BLOOD FOR THE SPIDER GOD” The year’s most exciting new adventure continues! “… an elegantly designed, sharply colored, moody descent into a twilit world…an intriguing entry point into a compelling new universe from Barbiere and Mooneyham that sets a high standard for up-and-coming comics creators.” – The Comics Beat

The second issue of Five Ghosts did not disappoint! It opens with the spider god descending on our two protagonists and does not let up until the final scene with Iago peering into a crystal ball. As the duo escapes the clutches of what seems to be imminent death, Fabian suddenly regains his powers. And he does so in the nick of time. Apparently they aren’t out of the woods just yet. Again Fabian goes down, drained of energy. The issue left us with two questions: Will the ghosts be the death of him?? And who is the mysterious stranger that helps the team??

Frank J. Barbiere gets right to the point of in this issue. Whenever we’re left with a cliffhanger from a previous issue, I always appreciate a writer getting down to business. We are flung from one adventure to another and he does is without being sloppy.  The story flowed well and I enjoyed the sarcastic sidekick, although I wish I knew his name at this point. Barbiere always leaves us wanting more.

Chris Mooneyham created visuals that were both awesome and grotesque at the same time. I am a huge fan of the old-fashioned appearance of the comic. The furious strokes of his pencil cemented the action in his panels and this issue was mainly about his stunning artwork as some scenes didn’t have any words.

This issue is definitely going to be flying off the shelves. I highly recommend you pick one up as soon as it’s released.


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