EXCLUSIVE: Chris Williamson talks GEVAUDAN

While attending last year’s COMIKAZE Expo I got to meet with Chis Williamson.

He’s got a fantastic graphic novel named Gevaudan and a company worth reporting on.

Are you ready to see what this up-and-comer had to say? Scroll on!

UTF: Where’d the idea for this comic book come from?

Chris Williamson: The book is actually, and you won’t believe this, based in reality in 1764 in France. There was a small town in the Southern region  that was experiencing killings of their peasants – maimings – by a wild animal. When the death toll got to 100 people, they called the king and they were like man you got to do something about this. This is actually King Louie the XV and it was kind of the downward spiral of his rule. His son later got his head cut off on the guillotine.  This was one of the contributing factors as to why they were unable to protect their peasants from this animal.

The French Story

We basically took that story and then decided to go with it because that was the original werewolf story. It’s when uneducated peasants started saying I knew this guy that went into the forest and he came back out it was a wolf and ate my kid. We dedicated the book to the hundred Frenchmen that were eaten and the wolf that ate them. It’s really cool. It got kind of a pop arts style little bit different from normal comics and everything from the narration to the dialog, rhymes. Everything is in rhyming verse the whole way through.

UTF: You get the really strong fable influence where it’s very old school.  It’s got a good syntax to follow.  That’s definitely a creative – so where did the idea to go with just the rhyming scheme?

Heavy Metal Magazine Random CoverChris Williamson: It wasn’t quite working in traditional means and then I remembered reading a short story in Heavy Metal, and it was about a guy who’s sport was surfing event horizons. It was only four pages long but they rhymed the whole thing and I thought wow this is really cool but let’s take it to like 80 pages. It seemed to work pretty well.

UTF: That sounds great. Do you want to say anything about the artist?

Emonic SketchChris Williamson: The artist is Emonic. Emo Gonzales, he’s a fantastic illustrator. He’s kind of our stock guy. Martin Hernandez Tena, he is like a god to me. He’s just one of the Adobe professionals in Mexico so he’s kind of one of the big wigs. Yes, it’s a really great team to work with. It was a lot of fun. It’s a good book. I hope everyone enjoys it.

UTF: Thank you very much for the interview and let me ask you is there anything else you would like to say to the fanboys and fangirls that might just read this article?

Ferrous Bloom Cover ImageChris Williamson: Keep reading. We have another title out called Ferrous Bloom that’s for action fans. Check that one out. You can catch us on FerricPress.blogspot.com. To buy the books on line, you can catch us at pretty much any West Coast Show. You can check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

As we close out I want to thank Mr. Chris Williamson for sitting down with me. It was a pleasure and I’m eager to read more from him and his team at Ferric Press.

But what did you guys think of the questions? Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!