While attending last year’s COMIKAZE Expo I got to meet with Brian Apodaca.

You know him best for his independent series ZOMBIE OUTLAW.

Are you ready to see what this rad talent had to say? Scroll on!

UTF: So let me ask you, where did the idea of having a zombie with a cowboy hat encased inside of a university only to get released and start a zombie infection spreed come from?

Zombie Outlaw 1_CABrian Apodaca: Well, I set it in Irvine California. It’s a fictional Irvine. My wife went to school there so that kind of inspired me a bit. And, then, my buddy who is the artist, Benny, he is crazy for zombies. So, I was like, “Well, I want to combine zombies and the college life.” So, that’s where it started from. Then, it kind of progressed from there.

UTF: I do want to talk about the art because it was odd to say the least. How did you and Benny Jordan come into communication? How did he find his art for the book?

Benny Jordan ArtBrian Apodaca: Well, I had written a couple of comics before that, done with another artist. But, this was Benny’s first one. So, after he worked with me, he did another book Shadow Hunters and that was for a company up in Sacramento, Shattered Comics. And, after that, he had basically done the first and half of the second issue of that before we started working on the second issue of Zombie Outlaw. So, his art had progressed quite a bit.

He was a great artist before he even did the first issue, but now he kind of gets more of the comic book style as he’s learned a lot of tricks along the way. He does stuff in charcoal. He does regular paintings. But, he has really gotten a lot better at doing the digital artwork. It’s really cool to see his progression. I still like the artwork from the first issue. He kind of hates it to be honest, but it is fun.

UTF: So, now that you have the first two issues in, where do you see the series and the property going from here?

Zombie Outlaw 2_CABrian Apodaca: Well, I think with zombie lure, it was almost dictated that we have to do some sort of outbreak. But, at the same time, for me, I love just the slice of life kind of goofy hijinks that come into play with just that… I don’t want to say sit-com type thing, but there is a lot of dumb college humor. We almost do Animal House meets Dawn of the Dead. That is kind of what we are going for, I guess.

UTF: Well, that makes sense to me. In any case, as we wrap this up, I want to know is there anything that you would like to say to the fanboys and to fangirls that might be listening?

Brian Apodaca: Definitely.

Zombie Outlaw sample pannelI just want to thank anybody who has looked at our book. I really appreciate those that read the comic Zombie Outlaw and just thank you guys and also just to let you know, upcoming, but I’m not sure when this will print, or when this will be online, but we will be at the Long Beach Comic Con November 23rd and 24th. So, that’s going to be an awesome show. Anybody in California or Long Beach should come check it out.

As we close out I want to thank Mr. Brian Apodaca for sitting down for the interview. It was a pleasure and I speak for our staff when I say: we need ZOMBIE OUTLAW #3 as soon as possible!

But what did you guys think of the questions? Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!