Eternal Warrior #5 #5 Review

While many titles have alternate universes or time lines Greg Pak takes Eternal Warrior #5 two thousand years in the future within it’s own continuity. Readers have seen what was and now they get a look at what’s to come with an interesting take on a character without the limit of time.

Official description from VALIANT:
Two thousand years from today, the planet has been transformed by science, technology… and war. The centuries have not been kind to the Earth’s own undying warrior – but a battle that could change everything is just beginning right here in the 21st century.

There are very few books that will jump in it’s continuity two thousand years forward and what we find with Gilad is that he is a grandfather, a leader, a Godkiller and the Eternal Emperor. Gilad’s clan now resides in the Marshlands or Little Rock and he is reflecting on the simple things in life that have been lost. The story itself is straight forward yet it delves into the heart of the emotional toll being an immortal can be. Gilad’s only link to a future without loneliness is his granddaughter who softens his soul but not his fierce fight to save the mortal.

EW_005_COVERThe major factor that stands out in the future is the near extinction of machines and the ability of those to construct them. Gilad’s leadership is tested as his group is attacked by an unknown enemy and their capacity to construct, not only a machine, but a nuclear bomb raises new questions and mysteries. Gilad’s granddaughter Caroline has the spirit of a naive child but the underlying resolve of her Eternal grandpa. It’s is a nice balance to Gilad’s hardened soul and tough exterior.

Gilad fights for the future of Caroline and a world free of Gods but after the strike out on their own they find that man isn’t much better. Pak sets up a simple yet violent confrontation for Gilad and it punctuates everything we love about the Eternal Warrior and once again reestablishes his dominance and resolve.

Diego Bernard takes over art duties and the work is clean and defined. It still has the roughness that depicts the harsh environments but facial details and expressions are more fine tuned. There more panel use and details verse splash pages to tell the story but it’s pacing and flow are well thought out.

This is a new direction and arc and for those unfamiliar to the Eternal Warrior this would be a fresh and appealing starting point. The only questions to be resolved is why jump this far into the future and, when or if it, might return to the present. Immortality can be a complex yet rich story telling device and Pak is taking full advantage of it. So far the Eternal Warrior is a character that’s difficult to define but strikingly interesting. The Eternal Warrior uses all the devices in it’s arsenal and makes for great storytelling. Pak knows this territory and it not afraid to shake up your expectations of what a action comic book can be.



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