EGOs #2 Review

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With a second entry arriving at your local comic shop, should you buy into this property? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The hero-epic of the far future continues as Deuce, the EGOs’ leader, flies off to battle with his army of [CENSORED]s. Meanwhile, his estranged wife Pixel must deal with an army of new team applicants. Featuring: Costumes! Battles! Masse, the Living Galaxy! Blood and gore! Uncomfortable emotions!

EGOs 2_CThere’s an innate sense of heroism embedded within a material that uses an acronym to describe its chief players and their own individual faults. Thankfully we have a strong creative team that knows exactly how to make use of that apparent fact. And as I close this book it’s obvious what needs to be done: go out and grab a copy of this complex but beginning tale. You won’t regret it.

Stuart Moore handles the text and the co-creator does a wonderful job cementing some social and familial commentary. By using the already established relationships we get an experience that bathes in turmoil but keeps enough of its plucky spirit intact to break the tension. A lot of that comes form a carefully timed narrator that, only on a few occasions, missed the mark with its comedic jives. Beyond that this piece keeps attention as we deal with the breaking relationships of these heroes while hanging out in the shadow of an intergalactic and impending threat.

I am enamored by the style of Gus Storms, it may not be the typically clean rendition we often see in modern comics but there’s a charm to it that’s oddly informed. The characters jump off the page in dynamic shots that are complemented by vibrant colors done by the same talent. From the first page to the final pivotal panel I can honestly compliment the renditions that I saw, but there were instances that were a bit hard to follow. Even still the summation of the work has me eagerly anticipating #3.

EGOs #2 continues the positive start made by its inaugural arrival, as the forces behind it up the ante. Recommended.



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