EGOS #1 Review

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Is this new franchise something we need to pick up from our local comic shops? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

A twisted far-future epic! An aging hero risks everything to rebuild his former team – but to do so, he must cross a line with his wife that can’t be uncrossed.

EGOs 1_CThere’s a lot of elements, but what works best is the creative team’s innate progression as they build this world while delivering some solid authenticity along the way. In the end we get an apparent intersection between two genres, the superhero and the interstellar odyssey, and its through that union we’re given a dark vision of the future. I’ll be honest what we get is a slow burn, and that may sound like a bad thing, but trust me by its cliffhanger this book will have your attention.

Stuart Moore handles the script, and the results are not perfect but they’re certainly good enough to gain praise. After the first few pages pass the scope seems to focus in on an aged icon that’s attempting to gain his former glory, but quickly the tale turns into a moral quandary that, I’ll be frank, I just did not see coming. To the scribe’s credit when the cogs in this machine start to pick up speed the material elevates in quality, so much so that it felt more essential as I was left with a striking impression of his literary technique.

The art by Gus Storms came off as oddly inviting, as it carried a unique set of renditions that crafted a complicated saga with dire consequences. I did find a few panels that were not readily understandable, but near the end the talent got to strut his stuff and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed by what I saw. In short: the pictures had some issues but when the dust settled they functioned quite well.

EGOs #1 is a unique story that starts off a bit slow but by its cliffhanger there’s just enough promise to garner attention and hopefully cultivate a following. Recommended.



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