DEADPOOL Game Review


I picked up a copy of Deadpool today, got a couple of cans of Mountain Dew, and skeptically loaded up the game in my 360. It’s clear from the very beginning that this is no ordinary game, it’s a fourth wall shattering look inside Deadpool’s brain, and the insanity that follows. To be fair, the voice acting by Nolan North is as usual, great, but the first few levels don’t seem to have any plot points. We start off with a mercenary job to take out this rich dude, who is so rich he can hire a gazillion goons to keep us at bay for half an hour. A bit of repetitive gameplay and countless boob jokes later we finally get to our target, but we don’t actually get to kill him ourselves for the sake of jumping out of a building with him and landing on a bouncy castle. Our target is still alive somehow, and he is taken to safety by some wannabe heroes.

The next couple of levels feature cameos from the likes of Wolverine, Domino, Cable and Rogue. But they don’t do much really. To talk more about the gameplay, it’s not so good but not so bad either, it’s combo-based and does get repetitive over time but you can switch weapons on the D-pad, or whatever it’s called on the Playstation, to try and mix it up a little.

What I really like about this game though, is the way that it’s just a complete send-up of video games and it’s in no way serious. High Moon Studios pretty much did whatever the f–k they wanted, whenever the f–k they wanted, oh yeah, there’s a good bit of language in the game too.

So is Deadpool worth buying? Well that depends, I would only recommend it to big fans of Deadpool or anyone who has as much money as the target in the first level. There’s not much of a lifespan in-game but you’ll get the weekend out of it, plus, there’s many laughs to be had if you’re a fan of the comics.


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  • Christopher Shafer

    I think we can all agree the game is better than we expected.

    • Michael Moore

      It certainly is! It does drag on so much though.

      • Christopher Shafer

        Mileage may vary. I myself, being a Deadpool fan, was really into it.