David Goyer is Making lots of DC Movies

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David Goyer is working on a slew of new DC movies. No he won’t be making Wonder Woman, or The Flash, or even Aquaman. Goyer is developing a number of low-budget movies focusing on more obscure heroes. After a few recent bombs of high budget, recognizable character, DC movies (Think Green Lantern, Jonah Hex) it is nice to see that they intend to move in a new direction.



There are a number of characters rumored to be in Goyer’s plans. As of now Team 7, Suicide Squad, Booster Gold, and Deathstroke are the comics that have been talked about most seriously. This is an interesting line up, specially when you think about that they are going to be low budget movies. How low budget do you ask? Well Suicide Squad is rumored budget of around $40 million, while some of the other movies could get only $20 million. To put it in perspective, Man of Steel had a budget of well over $200 million.


Try making me with only $20 Million

This scares me though. Think about what Booster Gold is a very cocky time traveler from the 25th Century who uses a bunch of cool gadgets to defeat evil. He’s basically Iron Man but from the future. Now imagine Iron Man on a $20 Million budget. Yea not so cool is it? Team 7 and Suicide Squad have the most potential on a low budget, but imagine an action movie with very limited special effects. It might be awesome, but it could easily bore movie goers. I really love the idea of a Deathstroke movie. Seeing the progression of Slade Wilson to go from Soldier to one of the world’s most deadly assassins. The casting of Slade would really be important though. They could easily drop the ball trying to cut budget by casting the wrong actor. For the other movies casting isn’t as important, but cutting money and hiring only D level actors could ruin the movies.

The writing will be key for all of these. With less budget story is way more important than visual effects (something many people have been complaining about with recent blockbusters). What do you think of the upcoming movies? Does the lower budget help or hurt your opinions?

Source: Slashfilms