Cyclops Gets All-New Ongoing With His Scumbag Deadbeat Dad

cyclops corsair

Marvel just announced the teenaged Cyclops will star in his own solo series starting in May, by Eisner Award winning writer Greg Rucka and artist Russel Dauterman. His co-star will be his poppa Corsair, the worst deadbeat dad in the history of the universe!

For real, where the hell has Corsair been this time? We thought he was murdered during The Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire, but it turns out he was alive the entire time. This is the 49th time he has abandoned his son. Did he just not give a shit when the Phoenix took over Cyclops and drove him to insanity?

He chose to hang out with an alien frog over his family.

Corsair chose to hang out with an alien frog instead of his kids.

Seriously, this dude is the WORST DAD EVER. He abandoned his kids when they were born and let them grow up in orphanages. Then, not only did he not pay child support, he ran all the way to another freakin’ dimension where he chose a fake family made up of alien weirdoes over his biological family. Years later, he met his son Cyclops again and made believe he didn’t even know the dude! What the heck?

Not surprisingly, his kids all grew up hot messes. One son ended up killing professor X (Cyclops), his other son became a racist asshole (Havok) and the third son is a mass murderer who became a monstrous Shi’ar dictator who tried to kill him (Vulcan).

Every now and then, Corsair shows up and gives empty apologies for being such a horrible human being. Cyclops always accepts the apology and they hug. Then Corsair disappears again.

In the new Cyclops series, Corsair meets the alternative reality version of his son. Corsair gets a second chance to make up for his past with his son. This time he can be a part of Cyclops’s teenage life. The series promises that they will go “outer-space road tripping.” It makes me sad knowing that after the first few issues, the scumbag is just going to leave again.

Here is the press release:

What would you do if you were suddenly thrust into the future? See your older self. Learn the path you’ve taken. The Cyclops_1_Cover-600x921mistakes you’ve made. Now, imagine that the father you thought died long ago is alive and well – and is a space pirate! This May, experience the ongoing adventures of young Scott Summers in CYCLOPS #1 – the all-new series from Eisner Award winning writer Greg Rucka and artist Russel Dauterman!

Spinning directly out of the blockbuster All-New X-Men crossover “The Trial of Jean Grey” comes the very first ongoing solo series for one of the time-travelling Original X-Men. After clashing with the Shi’ar on the edge of deep space, Scott Summers is about to encounter the last person he’d ever expect to meet – his father!

Long thought dead, Corsair, leader of  that intergalactic band of misfits the Starjammers, has returned! And he’s got a new recruit in the form of his son, young Cyclops himself! Scott Summers is leaving the X-Men behind to stay in space amd learn a few valuable lessons from dad: 1) How to shave, 2) How to talk to women, 3) How to steal a Badoon spaceship.

Coming in May, Obviously.


Written by GREG RUCKA




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