Cryptozoic Man #2 Review

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Are there enough worthwhile moments to sell comic book fans on this bizarre property?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

After landing in jail, Jack Gimlin is bailed out by a mysterious industrialist who offers him the job of a lifetime…tracking and trapping the world’s most famous cryptids, who also happen to be portals to alternate dimensions. Meanwhile, the fur flies when Cryptozoic Man learns the fate of a loved one during a cosmic tea party.

Cryptozoic Man 2_COn face value the idea of graphic series created by fanboys for fandom sounds like an intriguing prospect.  Because who knows what we want more than people who are indeed like us?  Truth be told that idea works on the surface level, but what we get in this second outing is more than that.  Serving up some intriguing context in the aftermath of the first entry the creative team crafts something that’s strangely worthwhile.

Bryan Johnson pens the script and the bulk of the narrative is a tripped out experience with enough substance to keep a captive audience.  What works really well is the fact that the author takes a step back from the innate oddness while then diving headfirst into core elements that make this property unique.  It’s a tough balancing act to be sure, but for the most part he handles his duties well without sacrificing any of the necessary beats within the context.

The art by Walter Flanagan is superbly executed.  It may feel more like the standard bells and whistles when it comes to its overall structure but it’s the boldness of the illustrator that makes the visual side of this equation work.  It acts as support to the text while also yielding some interpretations that push and pull on the psyche of any follower.  We’re given some really disturbing panels that dance the line between mystery and horror.

Cryptozoic Man #2 is not perfect, but there’s so much that improves on the initial foundations that it easily garners attention and praise.  To be truthful there are some off moments but nothing that hinders the ride.  Recommended.



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