Criminal Macabre Eyes Of Frankenstein #3 Review


In Criminal Macabre Eyes Of Frankenstein #3 we are still facing the operation to replace Frankenstein’s monster’s eyes but we also get a closer look into the source of Cal’s sickness which could lead to a cure for the ghouls populations who are mysteriously dying off. Just a typical day in the world of ghouls and monsters.

Official Description from DARK HORSE:
While Cal and Frankenstein go shopping for human eyes, a strange stage magician reveals why the ghoul population is dying out.

I have been enjoying writer Steve Niles, Criminal Macabre, and this issue delves deeper into the mystery which is killing ghouls and our hero Cal may hold the key. From the beginning there is some enlightening exposition between Hemlock and the Frankenstein monster, aka, Adam. Hemlock not only attempts to analyze Cal’s blood and vomit but also asks the question we’d all like an answer. Why do ghouls and monsters seek out someone such as Cal McDonald? The answer gives us more insight and depth into Cal who comes off as a one-dimension lout but now we can understand he’s much more than what he presents himself to be.

CMEOF_003CverCal is off to get a pair of eyes for Adam and in the midst of his clash with a bizarre, twisted monster loses control of himself and becomes more savage and disconnected. Again a slight glimpse into what maybe part illness and part absorption of ghoul blood effective in what could be a more disturbing progression of his transition. After Adam’s eye operation Cal is charged with his safety until he heals and in the meantime we do get some concrete answers as to Cal’s change and his illness. Hemlock may have the answers as to the help he needs but he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Niles definitely moves this story forward with the diagnosis of Cal’s sickness and progresses into even more supernatural territory. Artist Christopher Mitten illustrates some wickedly strange and grotesque monsters and the action scenes are equally horror-ific! He makes you squeamish during Adam’s eye operation and in a unique way by having your mind fill-in the gory details through other characters expressions. Not an easy thing to do in comics but Mitten pulls it off. The cover by Justin Erickson is a thing of grotesque beauty as well.

By the end of Criminal Macabre Eyes Of Frankenstein #3 the supernatural element kicks into high gear and the fate of Cal, Hemlock, Mo’Lock and Adam are now in question. This is a very well  thought out and executed plot and for fans of monsters, ghoul, demons and all things magical and mystical should give this miniseries a try. Next issue ends the series, sadly, and based on what we’ve gotten so far it’s sure to be a satisfying conclusion to this supernatural mystery!



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