I love Thor just as much as the next guy, but it seems like old Goldilocks has been getting a little overexposed lately. Exactly how many series can this guy support? He already headlined this year’s massively mediocre Fear Itself and all of its Avengers affiliated tie-ins. What else could Marvel want from him? He’s only a mere immortal, for Odin’s sake!!! And by the way…I thought he was dead?

Well, I guess Prince of Asgard survived his recent passing, because he’s back in December’s issue of Mighty Thor. And even though I’m a little daunted by all of these recent books, I have to admit, this series is pretty awesome. Famed Marvel scribe Matt Fraction is back in this ninth issue along with illustrating partners Pasqual Ferry & Pepe Larraz. These guys are masters of Thor’s mythos…even better than Stracynski’s reboot back in 2007.

They’ve married Thor’s figure as a muddied Norse legend with the crisp, clean revisionary artwork of Marvel’s greater Science Fiction universe….and the resulting book is spectacular.

Check out Mighty Thor #9 at your local comic shop when it drops December 28th, and come back here for our full review! And make sure you check out all of our Comics news for the latest and greatest from the world of Fanboy-dom.