CIVIL WAR #1 in 2015?!! WTF MARVEL

Yep you read that right!

Hot off their recently announced all-new all-improved Secret Wars, the House of Ideas has seen fit to pull out another gem from their arsenal of popular events. I give you the return of Civil War.

Civil War 2015 with Shadow

So what do we know? Absolutely nothing! All we have is that nifty cover image with no information whatsoever.

I’ll let all this sink in.

Now why are they doing this? I have no idea but I feel downright nostalgic about whole thing. From the Negative Zone prison, Iron Man‘s self-assured futurism and Captain America‘s painfully unshakable core values this epic holds weight over a decade later.

And let’s not forget that the iteration of the webslinger shown above was a Peter Parker in a drastically different place. He was a member of the New Avengers, a high school teacher and no longer single but he had the misfortune of getting caught between these two icons and their ideals.

Iron Spider Civil War #3

The original Civil War was about government overreach where in which the USA wanted to force all the costumed vigilantes to unmask and register so that they could be a cog in their gigantic nationwide Initiative. So let me ask, why are we going back to this now?

What do you think my fellow fanboys and fangirls? Are you on board for this history lesson? Or do you wish that this Universe would move on and find better stories to share?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Civil War Chronicles 10_C

SOURCE: Marvel

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  • Hulon Pate Jr

    They can introduce many new faces in a short amount of time. I guess with Tony Stark running the all new and improved Shield, he finds out Shield was keeping tabs on a lot of people with powers and abilities. I think it is going to be the Scarlet Witch that pushes him over the top with becoming the registration act Tony Stark in Avengers 2 with the magic powers coming his way. However they better get busy because why even bother if the MCU has less than 50 people known world wide in the MCU with super powers. Wonder if this means we will see the Red Hulk, Miss Marvel, and some other much needed Marvel Staples come out on screen sooner than later. Guess some one also has been reading some of my recent post. About when the time comes for RDJ to leave after the Avengers 3 and the presumed Thaos and the Infinity gauntlet finishes it’s story arc. That will more or less start the end of the Golden Age of Marvel Comic book stories at the movies. Also they are going to need some A-List heavy hitters from the world of Marvel to step up and fill the void. Should Marvel let their most recognizable franchise stars walk away with their instant marquee star power and box office draw. While some people are still saying they still don’t need Spider-man in the MCU and they made a mountain of cash with out him. I kinda think they do need their marquee character and #1 property back to lead the way. To keep people interested and coming back. I mean I just don’t feel characters like Moon Knight , Spider Woman and any list of lesser properties are going to keep Marvel’s fire red hot. It’s not the comic book fans Marvel is after it is the average movie goers dollar. So IMO letting RDJ and Chris Evens leave kinda ruins the continuity of your on going films and connected movie universe. They helped you make this mountain of money. They should recognize keeping them paid to keep the story arc with the same actors present only makes the future value of this franchise more valuable. Keeping RDJ should be Marvel’s top priority until the face of the franchise changes.

  • Hulon Pate Jr

    However I kinda think Marvel is going to make some major changes to the original endings that everyone is so sure that are going to happen. I don’t think for a second it is going to be a cookie cutter ending. Like the Death of Captain America. I think a better ending would be Tony Stark gets killed and Cap walks away from it all.

    • Guest

      There’s always a lot of speculation on whether Marvel’s new comic storylines will directly influence their movies, but the MCU

      follows its own continuity (Earth-199999) which gives it a lot of scope to draw influence from the comics while also carving out entirely new storylines for its characters. James Gunn said it best in a press interview for GotG: “Here’s the thing, truthfully the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes out of both the 616 and Ultimate Marvel Comics universe, and then they recreate some elements themselves.”

      The MCU has already changed a lot of back-history from its comic counterparts, so there’s every chance their endings (within movie continuity) will in turn follow a new or, in the least, slightly-altered direction. At least I hope so. Otherwise.. Predictable much?

  • Guest

    An animated series perhaps?