Battlestar Galactica #8 Review


The crew of Battlestar Galactica are chasing their dreams, communal dreams of Earth, the Thirteenth colony. However, with the Cylons on their tail and the crew questioning whether the dreams are just storm zone induced hallucinations, Galactica finds a mysterious artifact that divides them.

Here’s the official description from Dynamite Comics:

“Dreams of the Thirteenth” continues!

The Galactica has led the fleet into an uncharted storm zone to escape the Cylons, but danger awaits. Haunted by chilling dreams of the lost colony of Earth, the crews of the fleet encounter a vast and mysterious artifact at the heart of the storm. Sensors report that the Cylons have pursued the fleet into the storm. Which is the greatest threat: what lies ahead or what snaps at their heels?

While the story does take some time to get going, it certainly ends with a bang. This issue brings the strength of one’s beliefs up against the facts of science…which side wins when both believe they are right?

Writer Dan Abnett (Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy) has done it all and is well-known for his sci-fi. He’s taking on a sci-fi heavyweight here in Battlestar Galactica and is up to the task. I love the second half of the story. Abnett does a great job of setting up the final act of the issue and leaving the audience hanging at just the right time.

Layout 1

Cezar Razek has done a lot of artwork for Dynamite and you certainly can’t complain about the quality of any of it. Having grown up a sci-fi fan, I must admit that I truly admire the way he drew up the space battle towards the end of the book. While I have no complaints about his character work, his work on the ships and the structures is top-notch.

The book certainly leaves off in a really interesting position with the crew divided while the Cylons are on the verge of over-taking them. Hopefully the next issue will have a lot of answers because this one leaves us with a lot of questions. A good issue, Battlestar Galactica #8 showcases some high-level art and the work of a true sci-fi genre master.