Fans of good things should be damn proud, the publisher hired on a great writer and artist to tackle an original graphic novel. This is not a dream, illusion, or haze a publication has simply made a great decision. Enjoy good things below,

For Marvel’s first superhero team the battle never truly ends. Luckily the company is addressing this fact by putting comic book veteran Warren Ellis for an Avengers original graphic novel. The title currently called Avengers: Endless Wartime which features some adept pencilling from Mike McKone. Recently a new conference was held at Marvel for the press to give readers some more information on what exactly this comic is. The story ships in October and will initially be available in hardcover.

Tom Brevoort briefly had this to say about the title.

“In the Eastern nation of Slorinia, a threat arises – a mysterious threat that is tied not only to a tech company that is providing hostile weapons to folks who shouldn’t have them but also that ties back to experiences Captain America has had in his past as well as Thor’s history,”

Writer Warren Ellis also mentioned a few things,

“He stays out of my way, and he doesn’t know where I live. I noticed the quality of his line – how good he was at staging and lighting. I wanted to avoid an assembly line feel for the project with an artist who could do most of the heavy listing by himself. You can also tell by his work that he was interested in the performance of the characters, so I knew I could get that work out of him.”

“Carol was fun because she’s always a bit spiky. The really hard one for me is Captain America. I have a really hard time getting into that character’s head enough so that the dialogue stands true.”

Once again this pile of amazing is coming to a store near you in October!

Source: CBR