All New X-Men #8 Review

The 1st class has had a somewhat bumpy road during their trip into the future, but will the Earth’s mightiest heroes derail them completely?

Here is the summary from Marvel:

Guest-starring the Avengers! How will the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes react to the time-swept X-Men?

This issue focuses on the neglected X-Child, Warren Worthington III AKA Angel as he finally spends some quality time with his future self. The two encounter Hydra and almost single-handedly take them down before the Avengers swoop in and pick up the slack. They arrive back at the Jean Grey school and Cap talks with Henry about the kids (which is hilariously narrated by Iceman & Shadowcat). Cap leaves later and Warren (young) is soon found inside the school trying to return to the past. However in the ensuing chaos, the unthinkable happens…

Bendis continues to add excitement to this story and elaborates more on what Angel is going through (besides Jean being dead and Scott basically becoming Magneto, he definitely has the most to deal with). It is unsure whether or not present Warren fully told his past self what happens to him (since he barely recalls himself) but it is certainly implied. The Avengers cameo is nice but isn’t all that necessary since all they really do is save the Angels and Cap talks to Beast. Past Scott talks to Cap and I find it oddly hilarious how when he comes up to him and says his piece Cap just says “Alright they got it covered” and the Avengers leave. The real powerful moment however comes from the last couple of pages and what happens to Warren and the 1st class, as Jean basically has a character changing moment.

David Marquez is still on art duties and continues to impress. The battle with Hydra is excellent and really well drawn, showcasing the high-flying aerial action put on by the two Angels, even if Thor just comes in and renders the whole Hydra squad ineffective. He also draws emotion very well, as you can see the pain and frustration on young Warren’s face when he tries to go back to the past. And the last page is also another good one (but I won’t spoil it for ya)

All New X-Men is still one of the best NOW titles and it is easy to see why, Bendis is really telling this story of time-placed kids well and it is going to be a treat to see how the story continues from here.


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