Ales Kot OFF Suicide Squad: DC EDITORIAL BE CRAZY!

Can DC keep anyone on the payroll? How many time in the past few months have we had these complete meltdowns full of crazy shit. How many writers can possibly stop working for the mid level books at the company? Joshua Hail Fialkov, Andy Diggle, and Rob Liefeld stand in the list of fallen scribes and now Ales Kot can join the horrible club of people DC kicked off of their books. He recently announced that he is leaving Suicide Squad at #23, one has to wonder how bad could it possibly be there or what the fuck are they even doing? The craziness between the publisher and Liefeld escalated into an insane degree, but the ugliness between Diggle and Fialkov remains secretive. Kot said the following in his blog post,

Dear readers —

Since the solicitations for October’s DC titles came out, I was repeatedly asked if I am no longer writing Suicide Squad. Yes, Matt Kindt is writing SS #24 and I am no longer writing Suicide Squad. Matt’s “3 Story” is one of my favorite graphic novels I read in the last few years and I look forward to reading “Mind MGMT” when I finally find the time to buy the first hardcover collection, which you can find here. Matt Kindt is a very capable storyteller who is doing exciting things in the comics medium and I wish him great things.

I killed my deadlines, I wrote my best, and I have no regrets whatsoever.

Thank you for the ride, for your support, for everything.

Have wonderful days and nights.

Everything he said was so cryptic and misleading that readers only have a faint idea of what exactly is going on there. Continue to follow the site to learn more about the ugliness plaguing the comic book industry, because you love it!

Source: AKB