We all knew this was coming but damn did anyone have an idea about the scope of what this is? For those not refreshing the internets six or seven times a day, we all knew that DC had some sort of Villains month that they were planning. What we did not know was that this was going to be the next big event after Trinity War. The new storyline is called Forever Evil and is illustrated by David Finch and written by Geoff Johns.  It also seems that this big crossover will reach it’s tendrils deep into the publishing line of the New 52, Scott Snyder’s Batman is even tying into the event! The issues tying of the main story are even said to have motion covers which are kind of like a weird animated GIF check it out below with Justice League.

Geoff Johns also had a lot to say about the event itself,

“Forever Evil is a chance for David and I to work on all the greatest villains in comic books. It’s literally everybody. I don’t even know if there’s anybody not in it, We’re really exploring what darkness means and the different kinds of darkness that are within these villains.

“Evil’s relative, right? There are some that want to rule the world, there are some that simply want to put food on the table, there are some who want to simply kill for the thrill, and there are some who don’t consider themselves a villain.”

“The Justice League is dead, the villains inherit the Earth — well, what does that even mean? Some of them might not like how it’s being run. Some of them might like the old way better.

“Once the heroes are off the table, what’s that mean for the villains? What can they accomplish together?”

Along with all of the following information, some of the other books in the line were announced and the teams are surprising. The  most interesting news was that indie writer Matt Kindt is taking over Justice League Of America for five issues with a Martian Manhunter story.  Forever Evil: Rogues has Brian Buccellato and Patrick Zircher handling the flash rogues.

Forever Evil: Arkham War is a big story with Batman antagonists written by Pete Tomasi and pencilled by Scot Eaton. Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. is also written by the indie writer known as Matt Kindt. Did you get all that? The publishing company announced so much today that you might miss an integral part of information if you do so much as blink. This event is going to be interesting because all of these villains have been missing from the titles for quite some time now. Who’s ready for Heroes to punch villains just like the good old days?

Source: USA