A Second Galactus SWEET CHRISTMAS!

To celebrate the slow news day Marvel decided not to share this information with us at all. As a result this is a rumor with some sketches that seem to promote the idea of a second Galactus populating the universe. In the words of the 70’s icon Luke Cage SWEET CHRISTMAS!  In the not so great Marvel Now! title THE SAVAGE WOLVERINE, concepts for a new world eater and herald have appeared. This series has had a few things going for it, including the awesome art of Frank Cho, lover of fine women and the surprisingly interesting Man-Thing. For many those two things are enough to pick up this not so impressive title. Also as a sort of added bonus the new thingy following the planet eater around looks exactly like the previously mentioned swamp dude.  Is this a coincidence or a conspiracy deep within the internet, you decide! Then again who knows if these concepts are even going to make it to the printed page?

If you feel compelled to pick up this title after the weird concept art nobody will judge you, after all it’s a Man-Thing! I am really sorry about that joke.

Source: BC